Butch Is Rawls?

Future RawlsYou all may be shocked to learn that Butch Davis, current head coach of the UNC football team, is actually Steve Rawls in the future.  After interviewing “Butch”, I learned that Rawls spends the years of 2010 through 2020 studying nothing but college football and time travel in order to come back to the late 90’s and early 00’s as a head coach.  Rawls’ ploy was to fall just short of a national championship appearance to make Miami fans feel the same pain as Virginia Tech fans, but he soon found his fun to be ruined by his former offensive coordinator Larry Coker after Rawls took his dream job with the Cleveland Browns.  Having never played in the NFL and having never studied NFL film, Rawls failed horribly in Cleveland only to land on his feet with the UNC Tarheels.  Steve Rawls, we wish you luck both in your current form and in your future form (although we do want your future form to fail miserably when they play Virginia Tech).  Godspeed my young and old friend.