Is this how you blog? oh my the memories…

oh my, the memories come flooding back. I thought I would provide a bit of background on this idea.
Back in 2004 blogging was all the rage (it is now too). Everyone who was anyone had a blog and would post ridiculously private information on it. After reading some ridiculous blogs of some of our high school friends, Dave Harris and I decided to start a “Willard House Blog.” Everyone in the house, except Blanco (he never figured out how to work the blog even though we emailed him instructions a few times), readily embraced the blog. We learned a few things from it:
1. Lots of people were interested in the lives of willard housians
2. James was really funny. No one knew that before the blog existed. Except probably Nicole. And maybe Hunter. But we all learned how funny James was
3. It’s funny to put up pictures and have funny background music.
4. Blanco didn’t really understand computers. At all.

On a recent Patchelor party (it’s a pun. It was a batchelor party for pat). We started talking about how great it would be if we could all write on one blog from wherever in the world we are. Keep each other updated on our lives, tell stories, reminisce. Thats what this blog is for.

Hope you enjoy.

I’m buying a house on wednesday. Thats pretty crazy to me. I’ll put some pictures up when it happens.

Much love.