On a serious note

You guys might be thinking, “Hey, isn’t Harris supposed to be at camp right now?”  The answer is yes, except that all 5 of my guys backed out on me.  So for the first time in 9 years and 10 camp trips as a leader, I couldn’t get any guys signed up.  So I sent the area off without me.

I think the Lord is using this to bring me into a new season of ministry and trust.  I have done a lot of praying over the past 24 hours and I feel like He wants me to have a goal for the area that more kids would come to know Him in the area than in camp this coming year.  So we are going to do ministry in such a way to reach that goal.  I am really excited about it.  As I watched the bus pull away, I felt like it was the beginning of the new year for me.  So I am devoting this week to Him and to kids while the area is away.