Recent things for me

Here are some recent things going on with me. Some of them can be found by accessing Erin and I’s blog ( or our picture site (

1) A couple of months ago, as school was finishing up, Erin and I decided to get a dog. Well, we had been thinking about it for a long time and sort of waiting for the right opportunity. A coworker of mine had some puppies she was giving away, and we met them and decided to go for it and take one home. We named our 4-month old puppy Otis and he was the perfect puppy. For about 3 days. Then he got over his shyness and has been a handful ever since. He has tons of good moments and tons of bad moments. We’re recently excited about a few things: A couple of days ago we nervously decided to get a bark collar. Otis likes to sniff around the yard a lot, which is cool with us, but he has a bad habit of yipping and barking while he does so. Its pretty annoying and we didn’t feel like we could leave him outside for any period of time because he would annoy our neighbors. But, in the past two days, the collar has worked wonders and he barely makes any noise. This is good for him, too, because we are able to leave him out there and he can sniff to his heart’s content and run around and get exercise. Yay for the discipline of the bark collar! We also bought a new harness last night to help make walks easier. Otis is getting better on walks, but he likes to pull a lot in different directions. After using the harness this morning, it appears to have worked pretty well, but we will keep testing that out. The last thing we are excited about with Otis is that he is getting neutered in about 10 days. We have high hopes for the operation, that it will calm him down with some of his aggressive tendencies. He doesn’t hump yet, but we know it’s coming soon. Here is a picture of the Spunkmeister:


2) On Saturday, I’m heading to Young Life’s Rockbridge with kids from Hanover County for a week of camp. I’m super excited about this, and I think it is the thing I have been looking forward to the most about this action-packed summer. I somehow managed to get 6 guys signed up for camp, even though they’ve never been to Young Life before. I’m real excited for them to see camp and to bring back some excitement to our school and to maybe see a club get started this year. I’m also excited to be at camp and run hard and hang out with these guys. I’m a little nervous about the stitches that I just got put in my back this morning where the cyst was removed, because I want to be able to run hard and not worry about the stitches coming out or getting infected or anything like that. But I think that’s mainly my pride talking because I want to run all over the place and dunk 20 times a day and go in the hottub and do everything possible. And I know that the Lord will work through me even if I can’t do those things. If any of you guys get a chance, you can be praying for the camp trip and that lives would be changed and also that the stitches won’t slow me down.

3) Our mower recently died. I had bought it used two years ago when we first moved into our house, and I think that its short-lived life was fairly well served for a used mower. I wanted to get a new mower this time around, and had only begun doing some research when I saw a mower for sale on If you don’t know about Woot, they sell only one thing each day, usually something to do with technology, but for a pretty good deal. I’ve bought a few things on there, but they’re usually impulse buys that don’t turn out so well. The mower that was being advertised was a Neuton, a battery-powered mower. I was lured by the fact that the mower is basically maintenance-free and also doesn’t use gas so it won’t have any carbon emissions either. Also, it was a great deal at $250 so I went for it. I knew going into it that there were two major cons to this mower. One is that its battery life is about 45-60 minutes. It takes me about 35 minutes to mow the front and the same for the back, so I just mow one at a time instead of all in one day. The other con is that the cutting swath is only 14 inches, so it takes a little longer to cut the grass. But I’m really pleased with how easy it is to start (just basically push a button), which is nice because Erin can actually start it. It’s also really light, easy to store, and extremely quiet. It sort of sounds like you’re pushing around a box fan. Also it looks like it is from the future, so I feel like our neighbors think we’re weird. All in all, I’m pleased so far. Here is a picture of the mower: