Pat’s Guide to Speaking Willard

One of my favorite things about living in Willard over the years was the vocabulary.  Some was brought in from outside sources and some was created right on the spot.  Here are a few of my personal faves, along with popular usages… please feel free to add your own:

Hammertime (n) – A difficult word to describe… mostly used in place of the word ‘stuff’.  “Harris, what the heck is this hammertime?  There’s junk all over the floor.”

Sold (adj or v or n) – in trouble and/or out of position.  Can also mean awkward.  “Did you see Phil’s face after the Giles County cop pulled him over?  Sold.”

Crapsack (n) – Scott Robinson. “Has anyone seen Crapsack?”

Ing (n) – 1,ooo points.  “Mo, that’s easily 50 ings with that one move.”

Mang (n) – 1,000,000 points.  “Mo, you’re about to drop a mang!”

Mank, Mank, Mank (n) – a taunting gesture, usually used with both fists pumping up and down.  Often followed by either the same phrase, or else followed by a ‘sproing’.  (To Rawls) “Mank, mank, mank.  Sproing!”