New York City

This past weekend I traveled with the Brothers Rawls to New York City to watch Baseball. Older brother Matt had just taken the bar exam to try and become a lawyer and younger brother Mikey was in need of a vacation. I wanted to write up some of the highlights and drop some pictures on here. After all, it’s a blog and thats what you do on a blog. Write information about your life that you think people care about but no one actually cares about.

Let me start with a picture of the Brothers Rawls:

Me, Mikey and Matt - We love the Yankees

Me, Mikey and Matt – We love the Yankees

This is a picture of us in the brand-new-stupid-expensive-but-really-awesome stadium. It cost like a billion dollars or something. Thats not an exageration. They spent 1.6 billion dollars on a place for baseball games to be played. I won’t lie – it was pretty sweet. Complete with lots of vendors, $10 beers, giant screens, and radio’s in the bathroom so you never missed a play – Yankee stadium is awesome.

I thought a part of me might die with the old stadium being torn down, but when I walked into the new stadium, I realized there was room for 2 incredibly awesome stadiums in my heart

We watched 3 baseball games. All against the red sox. The Yankees won all three of them which made the trip even more exciting. We went to the game on friday night and saw maybe the best baseball game I’ll ever see live. Ever.

That game went into extra innings. And when I say extra innings, I mean 15 of them. 15 full innings. To make matters more exciting, the score was 0-0 going into the 15th. 29 times a team went up to bat in an inning only to score no runs. It was nuts.

Finally at about 1:00 am (the game started at 7:05) A-Rod hit a 2 run home run right at us. We were sitting in the bleachers and the home run came right at us. We grabbed each other and started jumping around like a group of girls when one of them gets engaged. I’m pretty sure our emotions were just about the same as that. It was incredible. Probably one of the top 5 sports memories of my life (right after scoring a game winning run in a team poop play off game).

Other than baseball, the trip consisted of eating a lot of bad (for you) food, drinking lots of great drinks and getting the chance to enjoy time together as brothers.

Tomorrow I leave for Rockbridge (a Young Life camp) with a group of 10 middle school boys. I’ve met 3 of the 10 so this could turn out to be a pretty interesting trip. But overall we have 29 kids and 4 leaders going. It’s a very exciting trip for us as it gives us over 50 people from the area that went to camp this past summer. We’re celebrating together what the Lord has done.

I’m sure that when I come back I’ll have plenty of stories of trying to get middle school boys to sleep, conversations, and great pictures of how the Lord can move even in the lives of middle schoolers.

Much love,


P.S. I just checked and this blog has 879 hits. Thats crazy. We’re just as popular as we were in college.