Favorite Foods

I was trying to think of something that we could do in list form that would get lots of people involved, and I thought that food is as defining of a person’s personality as anything else out there.  So this post is to provide a place to list out your favorite food memories from Willard.  I will start with these:

Dave Harris – Has always loved sweet tea, but the “sweet tea phase” culminated with him and Taylor Prchal (aptly dubbed “Sweet T”) making a huge vat of it for a pig roast.  I also remember those two guys for going to Owens Food Court, buying massive amounts of cookies and milk, then consuming those items as a “meal”.  Dave also went through a phase where he would make either red or green punch (like the kind you have in a big punch bowl at a party) just about every week.  The reason for this is because he was able to obtain a big punch bowl.