Welp I guess I’ll go ahead and comment …

Welp I guess I’ll go ahead and comment first. 10 observations on today’s tech game.

1) I feel like an offensive coordinator should probably explain to the offense what a blitz is, how to identify them, and how to pick them up or run a play to exploit them. 2) Just because there are upperclassmen in the offensive line does not mean that they are good (apparently). 3) Neither Tyrod’s arm strength or accuracy has improved much since last year. 4) Either the WR’s are just awful at getting open or Tyrod has no vision 5) I loved Chancellor last year, but he had an awful game today 6) Very excited about Ryan Williams 6) Very not excited about how fast they went away from the run (the second drive consisted of a 3 and out, all 3 plays were passes) 7) Though the defense ended poorly that can be pretty much attributed to the fact that they were on the field most of the game. They played their hearts out, and looked real good for 3 quarters. 8 ) Dyrell Roberts 9) Shovel passes only work if you have established a passing game. 10) On that last fumble of the kick return, I believe that Morgan was tackled by his helmet, and I also believe that is a 15 yard personal foul as the facemask rule this year states that if you grab any part of the helmet to take another player down you get the penalty.