Team Sabotage

I’m proud to say that, probably for the first time, a sports team of mine in Richmond has started off 2-0. I mean usually my rec basketball or flag football league teams win a game here or there, but its been awhile since we’ve won the first two games. Let me first give you a recap of last week’s thriller.

Upon first look, you would think that the Saboteurs wouldn’t stand a chance in the league that we’re in. Maybe that’s because we all have white skin. Maybe not. Maybe its because we’re in a 16 and up league, but our leading scorer is in his mid-30’s, is only 6′ tall, yet scores the majority of his points in the paint. When we lined up against a team of opposite pigmentation last Tuesday night who was stronger, faster, and bigger than us, it looked as if we would just have to struggle to stay close. However, Team Sabotage banded together to play smart basketball and led nearly the entire game. With about 3 minutes left, up by 5, I had the ball on the wing. The guy guarding me was a little bigger and a step slower than me, so I decided to dribble it through his legs on my way to the hoop. Well, when you dribble through somebody’s legs, you’ve got try and dunk the ball as well, right? Well, I slammed it off the back of the rim and the other team ended up scoring the next 6 points and gained the lead with a little over a minute remaining. After they got posession of the ball back after a missed Sabotage shot, we knew that we needed to start fouling, as we only had 2 team fouls in the half. We went ahead and had one touch foul, and it looked like we would need to do the same several more times. However, on the in-bounds pass I stepped in front of my man and stole the ball. I took it the length of the court and dropped in an easy dunk. Sabotage up by 1. The next posession, we fouled a man while shooting and he hit only one of his shots. We were then able to hold the ball until there were about 15 seconds left. Chuck, our leading scorer, drove in and put in a lay-up with about 8 seconds left. The other team decided not to call timeout, and slowly passed the ball up court without getting a shot off. Go Saboteurs!

This week’s game was a little easier. We played what has to be the worst team in the league and won by a score of around 53-27. We were worried at first because they have a guy who can light it up from around halfcourt. However, he rarely shot it and the other guys just couldn’t make up the point difference. My strategy now for every game is to plan on being the worse team and know that we have to work for every point.

Ok, that’s it. Maybe one day we’ll bring a photographer to a game and I can share the pics.