Heading to Blacksburg

This weekend I am heading to Lane Stadium to catch the VT/Miami game.  It’s going to be cold and rainy, but I’ve managed to procure two sweet, maroon-colored, one-size-fits-all rain ponchos.  Angela has yet to see the beautiful town of Blacksburg, and unfortunately she won’t get the full experience tomorrow.  Nothing beats a cool, Fall afternoon in Blacksburg.  NOTHING.  She is going to have to put on her rose-colored glasses and see past all the rain and darkness to a gorgeous campus with Hokie-stone adorning just about every building.

I’ll be taking the wife all over Blacksburg showing her some of our favorite haunts, including the Willard House, where I will regail her with stories about a poop-flooded basement, a family of ‘possums, and a broken window.  It sounds almost magical doesn’t it?

If only the game were at night…

I’d just like to remind everyone, that’s Jake McCrowell and Howard (Last-Name-Unknown-At-Least-By-Me) with the VT pumpkins on their heads.  I wish I had access to the sweet video they make every year for the jumbotron as Enter Sandman is playing.