My BCS breakdown. Virginia Tech needs Texas, Georgia Tech, Cincinatti, and Oregon to all win next week. If that happens that’ll leave 3 at large spots to be filled by a) the loser of the Bama Florida game and b) any team in the bcs top 14 that have 9 wins. Right now, those teams are ranked (in the AP and USA today polls) as follows: Boise State, Iowa, Penn State, Virginia Tech. Since Ohio State is going, only one of Iowa and Penn State are going to also be going. That leaves Boise and VT to occupy the other spot, and there have been rumblings that the BCS bowls won’t take a non-fbs team that doesn’t receive and automatic bid. Boise did beat Oregon at the beginning of the season when Oregon sucked it up, but if you look at the rest of their schedule, I mean they only beat Tulsa by a touchdown and beat no one noteworthy. Anyway the point is there’s a chance that Tech winds up with a BCS berth, even after this ridiculous season. Awesome