Life Changing Books

Everyone’s read a book or two that has in some way or another shaped their life. (I’m stealing the idea from Ian’s blog). I’m going to start with listing a couple that I’ve recently reread and are hot in my mind.

“God’s Smuggler” is an amazing account of a Dutch missionary who smuggled Bibles into the Iron Curtain. This dude is amazing. He would roll up to a border crossing into a communist country, watch the 5 cars in front of him get ripped apart in search of contraband knowing if the guards searched his car they’d find it full of Bibles. The guards look at him, and wave him through.

“Hudson’s Taylor’s Spiritual Secret.” Schmitt had this on a list for summer homework one year. I read 100 pages of it and hated it. I picked it up again in China and loved it.

Both of these books were pretty huge for me because it was a clear picture of men being faithful and obedient to the Lord while being full of joy. Even in the midst of persecution they would rejoice. Following the Lord is the best, hands down, wherever your are, whatever you are doing, the Lord is good.

That’s just a couple off the top of my head. I’d love to hear what were some in your lives.