Life Update 

I’d like to throw out there a few things going on in my life, as a way for you guys to catch up with me:

  • Erin and I decided last week that we needed to move Otis to a new home. It has been a tough decision (you can read more about it on our blog) but we think that it is for the best. We are real excited that he gets to go to a house with another 1-year-old dog to play with and 250 acres of farmland to roam and be noisy. We think we’ll wait awhile before trying to get a dog again, probably many years. I’m personally excited about not paying for kennel costs, not having dirty floors, and getting to have an uninterrupted quiet time in the morning (or sleeping in on a Saturday).
  • Last night we had an upperclassman meeting to get kids excited about our first club at Lee-Davis since 1989 (as far as we can tell). There were 13 kids there and I’m pumped about what’s going down. It’s crazy that we’ll be running a club in less than two weeks.
  • This is exam week for us, so I’m getting a break from teaching, and its pretty sweet.
  • Erin and I went to a seminar hosted by our church and a couple of others called “A Praying Life.” The guy that does the seminar recently wrote a book that we are going through in our community groups. Its pretty good stuff. The target audience for the book and the seminar is “badly praying Christians,” which I feel like is most of us. It goes through a lot of the reasons that we struggle with prayer, and helps you develop a “system” that is helpful. More info. could be found at
  • Erin and I went to DC the weekend before last via train. I haven’t ever rode the train before, and it was pretty neat. I loved being able to sit and read with plenty of leg room, instead of driving through the rain and traffic. Our favorite places that we saw were: the National Gallery of Art, the Capitol Building, and the Library of Congress. On the way up and back, I was reading Dan Brown’s new book, The Lost Symbol, which takes place in D.C. and in a lot of the buildings that we toured, so it was pretty awesome having just been in those places.
  • I injured my shoulder a few months ago during a missed dunk in the last seconds of a miserable defeat. I haven’t played or really done any physical activity since then, and I’m starting to get a fever for it. My shoulder is almost healed (although we’ll see how it feels once I start playing again) and I want to test it out.

Okay, that feels like a good update to me. Hallelujah for exam week and time to write this during class.