I’ll Jump in on This

I love this blog. I read it often and sometimes just get too lazy to throw my 2 cents in, a la David Harris. Does anyone else still check his blog only to discover that he still hasn’t updated? Its a disappointment I seem to face bi-weekly.
Well quick update on me, for folks who don’t know or realize, I’m at Penn State still pursuing the PhD in political science. I really feel like everything is coming together. State College is starting to feel like home, I’m starting to actually feel like a real scholar who can get one of these PhD things, I’m starting to go really deep with guys, and I’m starting to find a ministry I can pour into (LT once again, woot woot!).

Two quick tidbits that are exciting at least to me:
1. I’m getting really excited about research on polarization in the American electorate. Its a big but rather new debate in the field and I’m working really hard to try to get a word (and some numbers) in. Its just encouraging that I finally have gotten past just writing term papers that are going nowhere and am potentially becoming an “expert” in something. And publishing is a huge deal for the future job market. Also, if you’re a teacher I’m going to pressure you to put it on your syllabus. You don’t have to actually read it or use it, I just want to know that somebody out there in theory asked people to read it 🙂

If this fails I transfer to Texas or Southern Cal and begin a manuscript on going to schools with major football programs in different conferences.

2. I started a Bible study this semester with 4 amazing guys: Brad (area YL director), Daniel (my roommate and proud Tech grad), Mark (on staff with Cru), and Sam (his wife is in my grad program and he works in the area). In 2 meetings we’ve gotten to be really open and honest with one another and we’re getting really pumped about spurring one another on. Its real exciting because I haven’t really connected with a group of guys my age and in my stage of life in a few years now, so its been incredibly encouraging.

Also, besides having an overrated football team, State College is a fantastic little town and all are welcome to come up for a visit!

Also also, my love for uniforms and Super Bowls has not waned. I’ve been studying up on the latest SB trivia. If you have any questions come to me. The Colts will be wearing their blue jerseys (not since SB III have they worn them). They are 0-1 in blue jerseys, 2-0 in white jerseys (SB V and XLI. Daring choice!