Job News

Hey guys, I haven’t posted in awhile even though life has been crazy, but here goes.  About 4 months ago I got laid off (wah wah).  I was actually pretty ok with it.  Nicole didn’t have a job either because she was staying home with Zach.  So here we are with a new baby and zero income.  The thing is its been a lot of fun.  We’ve totally been trusting in the Lord that he will provide and the peace that comes with that has been more than sufficient.  Thanks to a Dave Ramsey finance class we took at church we had our “Emergency Fund” all setup for just this type of situation.  The timing was actually great, I got laid off in September so I had lots of time to study for my Professional Engineer exam at the end of October (still waiting on results).  Also hanging out with Zach while he’s growing and changing so fast has been a lot better than working.

So anyway, I got a new job in Richmond this week.  So that’s cool.  I’m not totally excited about working again because just hanging out all day has been fun, but I guess getting paid is good too.

I think I’m done.  God is good!