lee-davis yl update

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Lee-Davis Young Life Update

I have spent much of the past 4 years praying expectantly for the day when I could be a part of a ministry to the students that I teach. One of the main reasons that I teach is so that I can win the right to be heard and be able to share truth with the students that I get to know. For about three years, I felt like I was getting to know all of these awesome kids, but only had minimal opportunities to pour into them spiritually.  

Last summer, I was able to get six guys to go to Young Life camp at Rockbridge. Some of these guys I had gotten to know over 2 or 3 years, while some I was just getting to know. They all had an amazing week, and started getting excited about bringing YL to Lee-Davis.  

Another thing that happened last summer was that I went to a YL Teacher Summit. I took my wife, Erin, and three other friends of mine. Sarah, who is an elementary school teacher, her husband Charlie, and Tom, who also teaches at L-D. We had spoken about young life some, but I would not have imagined that the five of us would all become leaders just a couple of months later.  

In the fall, we started by having Campaigners (Young Life’s bible study) at Sarah and Charlie’s house. We’ve had a fairly consistent group of about 10 coming out each week. This has consisted of the five guys that went to camp that hadn’t graduated, as well as a few of their friends who have been coming out. Mainly it is a group of Junior and Senior guys. We also took kids each week to Atlee’s club. About 10-12 kids would join us each week for that.  

Heading into the spring semester, we made a decision to start Young Life club at Lee-Davis. We had only had about 20 kids come out to anything during the semester, but we knew that if we waited until the next year, all of our seniors would graduate, and we wouldn’t have any kids to start with.  

Our Seniors have stepped it up a TON and have really made club at Lee-Davis happen. They have been involved in nearly every aspect of club, from leading songs, to planning and performing in skits, to filming videos. We had our first club on February 15th, and the energy was super-high. There were about 25 kids out, and we were super-pumped about it. I shared from John 1 and 2, and challenged the kids to “come and see” who this person Jesus is. On the 22 nd, we had our second club. We had about the same numbers, but there were a lot of different people there. There was a senior class trip, so some of them were gone, but there were like 10 freshman girls there. We went from having only junior and senior guys coming out to stuff, to having a huge group of underclassman girls. I shared that week from Mark the account of Jesus feeding the 5000, and let students know that Jesus has come to give them life abundantly.  

Monday night, however, something happened that we have been dreaming and praying about for a long time. We had over FIFTY kids come out for the biggest and best young life that Lee-Davis has ever seen. It was a diverse group of kids, from every grade, gender, and from many different “groups” in the school. Club was so high energy – the skits were on, the songs were rocking, and kids were into it. I shared the story of the adulteress woman from John 8, and challenged kids to think of a time that they could identify with her. Do they believe that Jesus would extend to them the same mercy?  

We’re excited to see how Young Life will continue to evolve at Lee-Davis.    

If you would like to pray for us, here are some things we are praying for as a team:   

  • that club would be high energy, smooth, and lots of kids would come out (Monday nights)
  • next week we are having a bowl-a-thon on Tuesday night instead of club
  • having underclassmen set-up to become leaders of their peers by the fall
  • that campaigners’ vision for reaching their friends would grow
  • that camp sign-ups would grow
  • placement of awesome new leaders from VCU