Gentlemen, I made the pilgrimmage this past weekend while I was home to the great Willard house. I was excited by what I saw. 7 sophomores and Doug, one of my LT guys from days of yore. I read the logs and they have been maintained through the current generation. Weekly house dinners are still held, dead animals still adorn the walls, and new pictures have been added to the wall. The men of Willard present have definately made the house their own, but that is to be respected, not discouraged. I walked in to a fire in the fireplace, was welcomed by people I don’t know, and offered free range to go wherever I wanted. The back door has been fixed so no leaky bosom anymore and according to the 2005 logs, Ian is pissed Mikey P didn’t fix stuff. Although the house should still be condemned, new tile has been placed in the master bath and a new exhaust system exists in the bosom. Apparently one of the guys there even hunts on Mikey P’s land. I hope yall enjoy the pictures.

There is even a sign now