I don’t think anyone reads this anymore, but wanted to throw up a few quick links which I get from other people, one of which is pretty good, Tim Challlies, http://www.challies.com/

The next one is really important and some of you may have gotten Katherine’s email, but a friend of ours from seminary had a baby 16 weeks early. His name is Pierce, was born at 1 lb. 7 oz, is as long as bic pen, a wedding ring is twice the size of his arm, but he is hanging in there. The parents, Nik (in school with me) and Lindsey were told about a week ago he was going to die, and he obviously didn’t! Praise the Lord!

Two things you can do: One, pray. Two, give money. They were expecting to go to a birthing center since she was having a perfectly healthy pregnancy and therefore do not have health insurance. If anything, check out Baby Pierce’s website, it’s very encouraging.


Good thought about our fast moving world, and in light of Rob Bell.


For those of you who have kids (or are about to).


For those of you who want to have family devotions but don’t know what to do (I just got it today, pretty excited about it) a book I hear is good about parenting (hopefully read it sometime this summer), and a sweet book about a pastor in Buffalo mountain in the 20s – 50s near Floyd. This dude was ridiculous. Basically, Buffalo Mountain was full of people who drank a ton, had lots of kids, leaved in dire poverty, couldn’t read, killed each other often and this guy was converted, and changed the Mountain forever. Quick, easy read.


Finally, if you get down this far, I got a job as an intern at a church in Clover, SC (45 minute from RTS) as their part-time youth director. They give us a small house on their 70 acre church property where the associate pastor has four-wheelers and the head pastor is a Virginia Tech alumni who was a pastor in Narrows for 7 years before coming to Clover 25 years ago! Come visit and hang out! We’ll have a guest room! 25 minutes from Gordon-Conwell campus (Harris).

I’m done, but someone put something up already! I know some of y’all are on the computer a lot!